Readers’ Choice for best stories of 2022

As we bid farewell to 2022, we wanted to look back with this two-part series on the stories you enjoyed the most.

From profile features to art and community stories, we tried our best to bring forward stories you’ve never read before.

Meet the Hopcott Farms family

Written by the talented Marissa Tiel, this story is a reflection of Maple Ridge and its agricultural roots. Hopcott Farms has been a family name and we are so grateful to them for sharing their legacy with us.


Ghost hunters from Maple Ridge

Just like most of you, I have a penchant for all things spooky but I am also the biggest coward you’ll meet. This Halloween special story published in October 2021 was popular this year, too. This was fun to write as much as it was enjoyable for you to read. Thank you to the sisters for sharing their stories.

Farming store closes doors

A story that really picked up this year was yet again by Marissa Tiel about the closing of the beloved Otter Co-Op store. Are you noticing a trend here?

Parks Guide

Guides seem to be a popular choice with readers and a returning contender for the top 5 is basically a list of all the green spaces you can camp, picnic, go kayaking or just walk.

Crash settlement story

An unexpected story was popular with readers about a single mother, a former resident of Maple Ridge, who received $458k in a crash settlement case.

Fixing migrant workers’ bikes

For five years, Steve Nicklen has volunteered his time and skills to fix up discarded bikes so they can be used by migrant farm workers in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. Another great story by Marissa Tiel.

Thrifting at Hospice Car Boot Sale

Another thing we all enjoy; sales! And it’s cherry on the cake when it’s at a thrift store. The annual car boot sale returned to Maple Ridge after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. I hope you got to shop and pick some gems.

Conversation with a Powwow dancer

A special story to share this year was an interview with David Whitebean, a professional Powwow dancer, who explained the significance of regalia and the dance form.

Elections 2022

One of the many highlights of 2022 were the municipal elections. We put together a guide for you to make an informed vote and I hope it helped!

Bakeries Guide

Published last year in December 2021, this bakeries guide is a testament to the coziness and support for local cafes in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. At least we all have one thing in common, our love for finding the perfect croissant.

Stay tuned for part II where we list the best stories of the year, as per me and the editor.

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