A Year in Review: 2021 in stories part III

A tour of ARMS Fish Hatchery, list of best bakeries and close up of red cedar trees, here’s the final look back at 2021

We conducted a survey in 2021 and asked what stories you would like to see us cover. Seniors can volunteer and dogs can enjoy themselves at off-leash parks. We also did a special tour of the ARMS fish hatchery and spoke to an art space that prides itself to serve differently-abled individuals.

Here’s a final review of the stories we covered, all thanks to your continued support.


Treeroot Gallery aims to be a multicultural hub in Ridge-Meadows 

For many artists, finding the right space to exhibit their work can be daunting. 

As a person of colour, I know how overwhelming it can be to showcase your work to a world that is still learning to accept BIPOC creators. In such a world, a gallery that aims to create a communal space for diverse artists is like a breath of fresh air. 

That’s the idea behind Treeroot Gallery, a new art gallery and studio space that hopes to connect the Ridge-Meadows community as we begin to re-open and reconnect. 

The front half of the space is designated for art exhibits and the back half is a high-ceiling studio for classes and community gatherings. 

Read the full story here

Heat dome deaths include 10 Maple Ridge residents 

Ten Maple Ridge residents died in the summer heat dome, according to a recent report from the B.C. Coroners Service.

The report which collected data for the heat dome from June 18 to August 12, concluded that nearly 595 people in the province died due to the record-breaking heatwave, including 273 deaths in Fraser Health. 

The highest ever temperature recorded in Ridge-Meadows was 41.4 C during the heatwave.  

Fish Hatchery tour by ARMS resume for Fall 

A narrow gravel road from Allco Park takes you to a net door which is the entrance to the Allco Fish Hatchery which was developed in 1979 by the Alouette River Correctional Centre to offer high productivity and self-gratification for the inmates while increasing the severely depleting fisk population in the Alouette River. 

Situated on traditional, ancestral and unceded territories of the Katzie First Nation and the Kwantlen First Nation, the Alouette River Management Society was hosting public hatchery tours before the COVID-19 pandemic halted their usual operations. 

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E-petition launches in protest of RCMP detachment proposal in Pitt Meadows

An e-petition was launched in November 2021 to stop the Pitt Meadows city council from developing the RCMP detachment in place of the Pitt Meadows Art Gallery. 

Petitioner Darlene Mercer shared the news with the Ridge Monday.

The petition, which was first reported on September 20, had received 511 signatures by the time we published the story. 

Read more here.

Explainer: What we know so far about the CP Rail yard expansion project in Pitt Meadows 

Originally published in November 2021, we tried to unpack the CP Rail Yard Expansion project which aims to reduce “bottleneck traffic” on Harris Road and Kennedy Road by building an underpass for traffic and an overpass for pedestrians. 

Four years ago, CP Rail proposed a rail yard expansion project that would help improve traffic flow in Pitt Meadows. CP also proposed a logistics park project in December 2020 to help store agricultural products and fuel for Metro Vancouver. 

Read more about it here

Ridge-Meadows residents get set for possible evacuation amidst B.C. storm 

Silver Valley and Silver Ridge residents were advised to take shelter somewhere safe for up to 72 hours or until the water level recedes. At press time, 232 Street is the only route into the neighbourhood.

Residents were asked to stay away from the Alouette River for 72 hours on November 15, 2021.

Streets across Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge were flooded as a storm ravaged B.C. 

Maple Ridge residents also reported power outages and internet connection issues due to extreme weather conditions. 

Cultural red cedar and its relationship with Katzie First Nation

As a member of the Katzie First Nation, Burgess Pierre has been working with the local forestry and archeology department for his nation and has found old-growth cedar tree stumps across Pitt Valley. 

In Indigenous cultures, red cedar trees hold a special place. It’s a tree that is of use from its roots to the branches and leaves. 

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How Ridge-Meadows residents can help Sub-Saharan women fight AIDS pandemic

A retired woman, Heather Crums, 69, is working in Ridge-Meadows to support grandmothers in Sub-Saharan Africa, severely impacted by the HIV AIDS pandemic. 

A campaign, Grandmothers for Grandmothers founded by Stephen Lewis Foundation, helps to raise awareness and funds for grandmothers who are caring for millions of orphaned children by providing emotional and material support. 

Read more about it here

Diversely abled artists to showcase works in Maple Ridge 

Since time immemorial, people have expressed their thoughts and feelings through different forms of art and often, that art is a beacon of hope. That is exactly why Maria Daley wanted to open Vicuña art Studio for people who identify as people with different abilities or are differently-abled. 

The mission of the space is to give individuals with diverse abilities opportunities for creative expression through the Ridge-Meadows Association for Community Living. Currently, they have 50+ artists working with them through the association’s referral program and have sold their works to the public.  

Read more here


A guide to best local bakeries in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows

The season for baked goods is upon us and we thought to create a list of the best bakeries in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows so you can place your orders or pick up popular items ahead of special occasions and otherwise.

Read the guide here.

Landslide results in cancellation of riverfront housing development in Maple Ridge 

A developer officially withdrew a riverfront development project after extreme rains caused a landslide in the area. 

The 26-unit housing project on 240th Street was approved by Maple Ridge city council although Katzie First Nation, Alouette River Management Society (ARMS) and some city residents were opposed to it.  

Due to the heavy rains in November, a landslide took place on part of the proposed development area which changed the landscape of the area significantly, forcing Trisand to officially withdraw the appeal on December 2. 

City of Pitt Meadows announces $47.7 million budget for 2022

The city council unanimously agreed on a $47.7 million budget for the City of Pitt Meadows which includes taxes for property and utilities and will be in effect in 2022. 

The budget which comes with an increase in property and utility taxes was announced on December 16 after deliberations. 

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Off-leash dog areas in Ridge Meadows 

No matter the season or month, if you have a dog you need to take them out for a walk. So, we decided to create a list of all dog parks that are in Ridge-Meadows so your dogs could have a playful Christmas, too. 

Read our local guide here

Here’s a list of local and small businesses for Christmas shopping

Ahead of Christmas 2021, we created a list of local businesses that you could shop from. It’s a catch-22 because holidays might be over, but they’re all still in business! 

See the list of businesses you can support here.

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