Food truck pilot program underwhelms Pitt Meadows residents

Launched in July, the food truck program has led to residents raising concerns about lack of communication and absence of food trucks

The City of Pitt Meadows launched a pilot food truck program in July but residents have raised concerns about lack of communication and absence of food trucks from the designated locations. 

“We never once saw a food truck at Harris Road Park and we spent a lot of time there this summer,” said Lindsay Howard. 

The program began July 1 and is slated to end on September 30.


Food trucks not found

Locals living near the food truck locations shared that they didn’t see food trucks parked on site.

Mikela Figgures echoed the comment, adding that the city should’ve informed residents about truck locations and hours beforehand. 

“I live down the street from Harris Road Park, one of the locations where food trucks were supposed to be, but I haven’t seen a single truck there this summer. It would have been nice [if] the city had a page to let us know who would be where and when especially considering the food truck operations would select their own hours.”

Namir Faraj who lives nearby shared that he did not even know about a food truck pilot program until The Ridge inquired about it. 

The pilot program was designed to offer some excitement for park users, however, it left many residents disappointed.

 “This program will enhance the recreational experience of visitors to our parks, provide more outdoor dining options and give vendors the opportunity to grow their small businesses right here in our community,” according to a statement on the city’s website.

Lack of communication

Some residents also alleged that the city did not proactively inform people about the program or respond to questions related to it. 

Melanie Carle, who saw a “lonely truck” once at Pitt Meadows Athletic Park shared that she noticed people inquiring about the program online but to no avail. 

“People asked the city directly through social media which trucks would be where and when and never saw a response,” Carle wrote. 

Tracy Jackson shared that she phoned the city to get more information but her call was not answered. 

Residents and stakeholders will have a chance to provide feedback on the food truck pilot program in Fall later this year. 

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