Pitt Meadows crime rate dips, according to quarterly reports

The city’s RCMP unit recorded 232 offenses during the first quarter of this year.
Image via Michael Förtsch/Unsplash

Throughout the first three months of 2023, Pitt Meadows has experienced a sizable decrease in the total number of crimes. 

There were 232 crime offenses made to Ridge Meadows RCMP between January and March, according to the quarterly report released earlier this month.

The number was a drop from the 276 total crimes during the same period last year.

Ridge Meadows RCMP recorded decreases across almost all categories including: property crimes, person crimes, and other violations to the criminal code

But the reduced rate of property crimes, specifically, played a major role in explaining the city’s overall year-to-year reduction.  

There were 176 property crimes recorded in the first quarter of 2022, compared to 149 that have been made so far in 2023. 

Person crime offenses — which include assaults, robberies, and sex offenses — also dropped from 52 to 39. 

Screenshot of City of Pitt Meadows quarterly report.

The only category to see an increase so far in 2023 was controlled drug and substance offenses, which increased from two to three this year. 

However, despite the number of crimes decreasing across the board, recent data is showing that offenses may start ticking up as summer approaches. 

In April, there were 50 property crime offenses — the highest number since 67 were recorded in February. 

Person crime offenses, meanwhile, have been steadily increasing throughout the year. 

There were seven such crimes recorded in January followed by 14 in February and 18 and 19 in March and April respectively. 


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