A guide to local lakes in and near Maple Ridge

The season of beach days, lakes and hiking are upon us and since we’ve got so much to do in our own backyards, we curated a list of local lakes in Maple Ridge you should visit this summer.

Before we begin some housekeeping rules you should always follow when out in nature.

  • Keep your pets leashed, unless there is an off-leash trail
  • Avoid smoking in BC Parks and other day-use areas and be careful with campfires
  • Leave No Trace i.e. pack up what you pack out
  • Always download offline road maps, and trail maps ahead of your trip
  • Inform a friend or family member about your itinerary
  • Always check the weather before leaving and check BC Parks regularly for updates

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Whonnock Lake

Whonnock lake
Whonnock Lake photo by @vkr.adventures

If you’re a resident here, this should come as no surprise. Whonnock Lake Park is one of the most popular local lakes and a spot where you can enjoy the whole day out with your family; whether it’s a picnic or a BBQ, we’ll leave that up to you.

Make sure to pack your chairs, towels, swimsuits and sunscreen because the blue waters and the summer heat will entice you.

Historically, the lake has 95 per cent of water quality tests.

A 22-minute drive from downtown Maple Ridge, and a 43 minutes bus ride if you take the 749 towards Ruskin. Expect to walk 12 to 15 minutes when you get off at the Southbound 280 St @ 11100 Block (Flag) stop.

Alouette Lake

Alouette Lake photo by Jerry Meaden

This is a popular attraction for anyone visiting Golden Ears Provincial Park. Alouette Lake is located at a 30-minute drive from downtown Maple Ridge and unfortunately, no public transportation can get you there so plan accordingly.

The scenic view of the Golden Ears Peak and the hemlock forest provide a much-needed break from city life.

Visitors swim, canoe, kayak and more in the lake. You don’t need a day pass to access the lake so that is a plus!

Devils Lake

photo of a ;ake
Devils Lake, Mission photo by City of Mission

Well, we kind of cheated but it’s just so close! Only at a 32-minute drive is Devils Lake Loop which is a 3.1km hiking trail, taking you to the south end of the lake.

Parking is available on the side of Florence Lake Forest Road where you will find wooden stairs, taking you down to the forest area.

There are various beach access points along the trail but be cautious, there are no lifeguards on duty and the entry to the lake just offshore is steep!

Unfortunately, for this trip, you will have to drive down there as no public transportation service is available for this route.

Rolley Lake

photo of a lake
Rolley Lake, Mission photo by BC Parks

Another lake just 25 minutes away from downtown is Rolley Lake.

Known for its warm waters, it’s the perfect place for a summer day swim.

Once used by the Sto:lo of the Coast Salish Nation, the park allows for canoeing, kayaking and swimming, albeit you bring your own equipment as rental is not available.

The lake is generally flat so if you want to hike, there is Rolley Lake Trail which takes 45 minutes roundtrip and you can also hike to see the Rolley Falls.

Did we miss any of your favourite spots? Let us know at hello@readtheridge.com


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