Local search and rescue complete five tasks in eight days

rescue operation with helicopter
Search and Rescue operation with the assistance of a Talon helicopter/Photo Supplied

The Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue Services had a busy week helping others.

The RMSAR completed a total of five tasks in eight days, with the final two that were performed on Sunday, July 2 by 4:45 p.m.

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Here are the details of all search and rescue operations.

Rescue at Pitt Lake

The rescue team responded to a medical emergency on Sunday, June 25 at Pitt Lake. Emergency health services were sent to the scene and although the man was rescued, he later died at the hospital.

Rescue at Golden Ears Park

The search for Esther Wang, the teenager who was reported missing at Golden Ears Park, began on Tuesday, June 27. She emerged from the East Canyon Trail on Thursday, June 29.

Dog rescue at Golden Ears Park

On Saturday night, the team was tasked to rescue a dog who was reportedly injured while hiking the Alder Flats on West Canyon Trail in

The dog was having difficulty walking as she developed sores on her paws, according to the RMSAR.

The owner called for help through Zoleo, a communication device used in remote areas, but continued carrying the dog as no confirmation of help was received.

The team met the group one kilometre from the parking lot and carried the dog on a stretcher for the rest of the way.

“Emergencies in the backcountry can happen to our pets too. Always remember to consider this when venturing out and be prepared with the 10 essentials including supplies for your dog. In this case, the group was well prepared including an emergency communication device,” said RMSAR.

Rescues at Panorama Ridge

Rescue operations continued on Sunday afternoon, July 2, when a woman hiker was rescued and treated for a sprained ankle by the team on Panorama Ridge in Golden Ears Park. Due to the location, the hiker was located and loaded through a helicopter.

During the rescue effort, another hiker reached out to RMSAR to request help for a friend experiencing heat exhaustion on the same trail, near the emergency shelter.

When another team of rescue personnel reached the location, the hiker was not found.

“A second team were dispatched and assisted several hikers with food and drinks at the shelter but did not locate any persons in medical distress,” said Ryan Smith, team manager for RMSAR.

“It’s assumed that the hike was able to rest, rehydrate, and recover from their condition and continue down the trail,” said RMSAR.

Train, carry and know

As many people go missing on trails while hiking, Smith shared that people are always encouraged to train, carry and know how to use appropriate equipment while hiking.

“Always make a trip plan, including letting someone know where you are going and when you are expected to return. We also encourage people to carry the 10 essentials,” said Smith.

By taking these steps, people can reduce the chances of getting lost or better manage a situation in case of an injury, he added.


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